They will get their just deserts

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They will get their just deserts
Newton’s First Law of Motion states that a moving body will continue moving in the same direct
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Newton’s First Law of Motion states that a moving body will continue moving in the same direction, and at the same speed, unless, and until an equal or greater force acts on the moving body to stop its motion. Since this law pertains to a moving car and its occupants as well, it means that should a car be in a collision, its occupants will continue to travel in the direction the car was moving in. In practice, this means that unless the occupants are restrained in some way, they will collide with the front of the passenger compartment at the speed the car was traveling at when it came to a sudden stop..

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Jun’s mask isn’t medical grade and it doesn’t
Week 16 MVP : Luke Kuechly (Carolina Panthers)

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